Wednesday, May 25

Nearly there

8lbs down, 2 to go
Holiday in 15 days :)

Thursday, May 19

Little Trinkets Boutique

I just have to write about my EXTREMELY talented (and not to mention super gorgeous) sister-in-law, Becky's shop

She makes, from scratch, by hand, the most beautiful kids clothes. And they're pretty much one-of-a-kind.

So if you have any little people in your life and you're looking for a perfect thoughtful present then look no further then here if you're in the UK or here if you're in the USA

Here are a few of the amazing things she makes:

Happy shopping :)

I've Been Body Blitzed

So - the results are in.................after 14 days of Body Blitzing I'm 6 pounds lighter and I've lost 8 inches :)

1.5" from under bust
2" from bust (gutted!)
2.5" from around my big fat belly
1" from the hips
0.5" from each arm
0.5" from each thigh (which I've only counted once, so I guess it could be 9 inches!)

So as I pulled on my skinny jeans today without the usual 'squat, yank, pull, squat, yank, pull' routine I found myself feeling rather smug.

As I ate that one little 'reward' cookie last night I found myself feeling rather stupid.

As I was awake half the night with a horrible headache (which was no doubt a result of said cookie after being sugar free for 2 weeks) I felt ashamed.

So this morning when Seth suggested walking to pre-school (1.3 miles) I decided that washing my hair could wait, we got ready super fast and had a lovely walk in the sun. I totally overestimated how long it would take us and made Seth walk really fast, ok he was pretty much jogging for 2/3 of the time! We arrived in 30 minutes, with 10 mins to spare before pre-school even opened. Thank you Seth for giving me some exercise today. I pushed Jacob back, via the shops to grab some bits for dinner, and all this before 10am!

We're having the missionaries over for dinner tonight so I'm having a day off the strict diet and I'm planning to indulge in a hearty bowl of pasta. But tomorrow I'm starting the body blitz again.

21 days until holiday, 4 pounds to lose to achieve my goal. Sounds pretty achievable :)

Here are another couple of (phone, sorry about the poor quality) pictures of what I've been eating:

breakfast: scrambled egg on rye toast breakfast: poached egg on rye toast with freshly squeezed (by my own fair hand) orange juice

Dinner: Quick fix platter (you choose from a big list of items)

Allan's antipasti platter on the same day. I <3 bread

Dinner on the final day, roast loin of pork with homemade apple sauce (made really simply by baking the apples with the pork then squishing them after) and extra tasty veggies fresh from the farm shop.

Of all the diets I have attempted, this has been by far the easiest and most enjoyable. Highly recommended to all. You can buy the book here or download the app here. There are a lot more recipes in the book so I'll probably buy that too eventually. In the book they suggest doing 30 mins of exercise a minimum of 3x a week. I've only done 5 x 20 minute runs over the 2 weeks and 2 x 30 minute yogalates workouts. So if you exercise a lot you'll probably lose even more.

Happy dieting :)

Wednesday, May 11

Body Blitzing

So - I've made it to day 7. I won't lie, I've had the occasional nibble of something not allowed on the list - wholemeal pitta bread tasted like heaven, a chocolate chip or two whilst baking cookies for Allan's brother's birthday, a square of Jacob's cheese on toast. But all relatively harmless and in very small amounts. Other than that I've been pretty good, and I've managed to introduce some exercise :)

Up until September I was doing so well at exercising then winter came and it was too cold or too dark or I just couldn't be bothered. I'm sure that most of you have been there. Then the pounds creep on and you get down about it so really really can't be bothered. I've finally snapped out of that phase, a holiday is great motivation but it could be anything - a wedding, health or just summer in general. Everyone wants to look good on the beach, men and women alike!

So this week I started slowly with some 'yogalates' (yoga/pilates, but more on the pilates side so you don't need to be freaky flexible) then I went for a run. Yes a run. My nike+ tells me that I haven't been since May of last year, I think I did a couple in August without using it but still....thats a long time.

You know the amazing feeling that you get after you've exercised? Some little hormones called endorphins are released into your blood and you suddenly feel like superman/woman. Read this to see exactly what the 8 different hormones released during exercise do. Well I get that, and as I generally do my exercising first thing in the morning I come home and do more exercise! So I'll do a 30 minute yogalates 'cardio enhancer' workout or a 10 minute abs workout. I'm hoping to also do something later on in the evening too.

I know this sounds like a lot but when I say I went for a run....I'm not a marathon runner, I'm building it up slowly. Today I ran 1.2 miles, on Monday I did 0.9. I've read that you're supposed to increase your distance by no more than 10% at a time when you're starting out but I'm just running until I want/need to stop. And I'm taking it slowly. The thing I've always struggled with whilst running, particularly outside, is my breathing but I seem to have improved on that now by counting my breaths to my steps (I do in through the nose for 4 then out through the mouth for 4). So far this has helped me not get cramps and generally not feel like my chest is going to explode :) I've read that exclusive nasal breathing is the way forwards, maybe I'll give it a go next time.

As for the food, its been pretty good. I've even taken some pictures especially for anyone interested. There was also an amazing king prawn balti which I ate so fast that I didn't get chance to take a picture!

Breakfast - bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes with watercress and balsamic vinegar

Lunch (but I switched it to dinner) - chicken + chestnut mushroom risotto

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and watercress (I used thinly sliced bacon)

It has taken too long for me to do something about getting in shape, I hope that I won't be moaning about being fat again in another few months. If I do, please give me a slap! Its very nice when people tell you that you're looking slim, and although it wouldn't be nice - it might give people the kick up the bum we need if someone says that we're looking a little 'curvaceous' or 'well' or 'healthy!' I promise that I won't be offended, although I can't say the same for others...

Saturday, May 7

Body blitz so far -2lbs, day 3

So it's another fat post. Sorry to be so predictable! The past 7 months have been my worst EVER weight wise. I've lost pounds then put them back on several times, I blame winter and my kids and FOOD! If all food tasted like blue cheese then I wouldn't have this problem. I'm a big foodie, I have a cookery magazine addiction, I read food blogs and love nothing more than going out for a nice meal. I like to cook too but enjoy not having to clean up, and my presentation isn't quite restaurant standard.

Anyway we're going on a lovely holiday in 34 days and I fear I may have left it a little late to get bikini friendly but hopefully I'll be able to brave a swimming costume, or tankini. Or maybe just shorts and a vest!

Whatever happens I am going to be hungry for the next month, but thanks to my cousin's wife, Rachel, I have a {hopefully} foolproof diet to follow. It's called Body Blitz and basically its no wheat/dairy/sugar, limited (wheat free) carbs and no alcohol. Now I've got the no alcohol part sorted but I am a huge (literally) carb/wheat/dairy/sugar fan so if you just told me to cut these out I'd last maybe a day then get bored. But this diet comes with 2 weeks worth of recipes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the best thing is - the food actually tastes pretty good. I did gag a little on my banana and porridge this morning but that's more due to my dislike of mushy banana texture. But I thoroughly enjoyed my steak and salad today and my grilled chicken wrapped in Parma ham yesterday.

You do get a daily milk allowance and there are options to have tea/coffee etc for those of you who enjoy those beverages. I've been only drinking water, and lots of it. Every evening when Allan comes in with his plate of snacks I glug away at my water whilst thinking up torture methods (he's sat munching on chocolate shortbread biscuits and coconut cake as I write this, at 11pm!)

Ideally I'd like to lose 7-10lbs before holiday then shift at least another 7 after we get back. So here goes. If you see me snacking please stop me. Seriously please do. And dont try to tempt me because I'm weak. I will crumble (crap, now I'm thinking about apple crumble and custard)

So wish me luck or you won't see me in any holiday pictures. And feel free to send any quick pound shifting sick bugs my way!!!


Sunday, April 17

monthly update.....

I thought I was getting back into the swing of things but an unexpected few weeks of warm weather have kept us out and about :) So whilst the monkeys are in the garden I'll try and catch up!

Easter is fast approaching and I've had this recipe saved to try out for a couple of years now, who knows - this might be the year!

The boys are getting too grown up: Seth has been accepted at our 1st choice school, which is within walking distance. I'm amazed at how many things there are to go to before he starts in September including teddy bear's picnics and home visits from his teacher to be!! He's had this horrible red, flakey skin around his mouth for a long time now but I think (touch wood) that he's stopped licking enough for it to finally begin to heal. He also got sunburnt really bad (it was 19 degrees!) which resulted in another trip to our EXTREMELY irritating doctor, and another reminder for me that I need to switch drs! He's excited to start school although its starting to sink in that he won't be going to pre-school for much longer, and he's not too happy about that.

Jacob is still anti-nursery. When we're at church if I say 'do you want to go to nursery Jake?' he'll shake his head, run to me and say 'no, no, no!' Then when I leave him in there he will scream until the nursery leaders kindly return him. He's due to start pre-school in September so hopefully he will be past this phase by then, but actually I don't mind because they won't bring him home to me! He's talking a lot more, but I do think that most of the time only I understand him.

We've booked a holiday for June so we're all very much looking forward to that. Airplanes and theme parks and beaches :)

Its feeding time at the zoo - final thought....check out this shop

Tuesday, March 1

behind bars

So, those of you that have spoken to me in the last 2 months will probably have heard all about Jacob's cot escaping adventures.

Seth was never so adventurous, I think he climbed out twice ever and then gave up. But he did get put into a bed at about 20 months old in preparation for Jake's arrival....

Anyway, Jacob is much more persistent

However, I am determined to hold on to the last few hours of midday freedom. So whether he naps or not he is in his room for at least an hour every day (obviously if he is bawling I will put him back in bed and calm him down, he just can't get out)

Here are a few crappy phone pictures of his adventures:

Wednesday, February 16

back for good?

I shouldn't be blogging right now, but the dishwasher & washing machine are on, the house is pretty clean/tidy, Jacob is (hopefully) going to sleep, Seth is at pre-school, I've just been catching up on the blogs I follow and it made me want to blog.

So I'm giving myself a 5 minute time goes!

The Boys:

Seth is getting so grown up and I want him to be the funniest, cutest, most well-behaved, adventurous, sporty, kind, loving, intelligent little thing but most of all I want him to love me. Which he doesn't when I'm constant telling him off for not being all of the above so I really need to ease up on the poor kid. He is only 3!

So we've been doing more fun things, like riding his bike, getting 10-12 new books from the library per week and reading them all in a day or two, listening to different music, watching new programmes, cooking together and crafting. Check out our valentine's beauties :)

I'm pretty sure that I made these up, although I could have seen them somewhere in the past and it stayed in my mind, but I'm going to take the credit. We wrote 'I'm a sucker for you' inside the leaf. Martha Stewart eat your heart out!

Jacob is going through a clingy phase, whenever it seems like I may be going out or leaving him with someone he starts to cry. Which is nice, but I need him to stay in nursery on Sundays! He's starting to talk a lot more and sometimes does actions for things like eat and says 'shhh shhh' when he sees people asleep. He tells me when he's done a poo (I guess we'll be potty training this summer) and I've signed him up for pre-school in the fall. The fall?! Haha I have too many American friends. In September.

Yes, come September I will have 2 whole afternoons of freedom.

Which brings me back to my to-do list....

So far I've managed to:
assemble and install the said radiator cover
get new cushion covers for the couch, with real feather cushions that actually poof back up when fluffed!
choose real bedding for Jacob's cot, as it will soon be converted into a cotbed
I found some excellent sticky notes to help with organising my recipes....!
And I've cooked a few of them - and Allan approved :)

Zero progress has been made on the skinny thing. But the mornings are getting lighter so fingers crossed I'll be able to drag my fat butt out of bed one day and get started!

Saturday, December 4

to do list...

I write to do lists

I lose these lists and then write another

Every now and then I find lists from a long time ago and I still have to do some of the things on them

Which results in a few minutes of depression, followed by rationalisation and justification. Possible some chocolate

And then I start a new list combining the others :)

Basically I have so many things that I want to do and seemingly so little time to do them. Thanks to flylady my constant guilt for being at home and not cleaning 24/7 has been reduced slightly and I may squeeze in some 'hobby time'

Here are a few of my to do's:

* set up some kind of business. that I enjoy. this will probably have to wait until Jacob starts part time pre-school (next year). I'm thinking party/wedding planning, cake decorating, something creative with a bit of admin to it. I'm a sucker for admin!

* make a world map for Seth's bedroom wall. I even bought the stuff for this! It will be huge, made of felt with lots of smaller bits to stick on (also made of felt) i.e. country/continent labels, some well known buildings (eiffel tower/big ben etc), various animals. I've seen these on the internet retailing for almost £200! What a rip off. Who knows, maybe making these could be my business!

* re-accessorise my house. I read loads of interior design blogs and have hundreds of pictures saved but just never get round to this. However a few weeks ago I did order a radiator cover for my hallway as I need some kind of shelf and the radiator is ugly and in a really awkward place

* blog

* constantly pester allan to do things on his to do list (I'm pretty good at this, but its ongoing)

* organise my recipe collection. I've started on this one too, going through my gigantic collection of cookery magazines tearing out the recipes I would like to try. But I need them all together, categorized.

* cook the recipes from said collection

* taste the recipes from said collection WITHOUT getting fat(ter)

which brings me to my biggest, and longest running 'to do' ever

*****GET SKINNY*****

I know that most of you reading are extra kind and will say 'you don't need to lose weight, you look great' etc and I totally appreciate those comments (don't change a thing, honesty is not always the best policy!)

Unfortunately, as Shakira put it, my hips don't lie

Until I had Seth I didn't diet. I exercised occasionally. Since then I totally understand the term Yo-Yo dieting.
I won't lie, I'm totally tempted by the gastric band! Diet and exercise are tough. Changing your routine/lifestyle is tough.
No more kids will be growing in this body until it is skinny. Ok, maybe not skinny - slim :)
I started P90x (google it) but I couldn't walk after 3 days! Its good, hardcore. I need to start again, maybe my mistake is that I always start on a Monday. Mondays suck. I'll start from now (its fast Sunday so I must lose at least 1lb!)

Anyway, if I'm going to get anything done I need to get some sleep!

Monday, November 8

beauty 101

If, like me, you struggle to know which of the thousands of beauty products you should buy, you don't trust magazine reviews that tend to say the best products are conveniently from the brands advertised in said magazines, you don't want to spend a fortune on a product and it be no better than something you can pick up at the should read this blog

Yes I'm biased because it is written by my gorgeous and uber talented sister Amy, aka geek, but she knows what she's talking about! She is a qualified make-up artist and has worked at one of the best cosmetic stores in the UK for a long time. This job has many perks (30% discount on everything - let me know if you have an order!) and she gets to take home the testers so tries out all of the £££ creams, lotions and potions. Anyway - she has started a blog with honest, unbiased reviews and advice so add it to your reading lists. If you need any beauty advice, just post a comment on the blog and she'll help you out :)

She is also available for bridal/fashion/make-up lessons UK wide... if you want skin like this, she's your girl :)

Tuesday, September 21


I had a birthday

Nothing special, just 24. Two dozen. Almost half of 50. Eeek!

Birthdays aren't as special without my mum to make a fuss over me, don't get me wrong I'm grateful that me and Allan could go out for a nice meal (thanks Richard {father-in-law} for babysitting), and Allan cooked me breakfast, and the in-laws had us over for Sunday lunch on my bday but it just felt like any other day. But older. I did get my 'fill' of good food though, which is an extremely important part of birthdays for me :)

A quick update:


- started swimming lessons. He cried for the whole 30 minutes on week 1, and intermittently on week 2. Crazy kid, he's actually really good, we went to a swimming party at the weekend and he spent the whole hour jumping in, swimming to the side and jumping back in shouting 'To Infinity and Beyond!!'

- says lots of prayers. I don't think I've ever written about his prayers - he's been saying them for well over a year now but he's started to really think about what he's saying now. This morning he wanted to say the prayer as we were leaving the house - before he started he asked me where we were going (the supermarket) and then said that is boring. So his prayer was 'Dear Heavenly Father, ganks for this day, please bless us and the trees and the leaves and the branches, keep them all safe. Say these blessings, Jesus Christ, Amen. He likes to interrupt if anyone else is saying the prayer "you forgot to bless the missionaries to bring more people to church" etc, and quite often he'll say his own prayer at church rather than listen to them!

- is in the question phase. I must hear the phrase 'tell me a question about the farm/zoo' 20+ times a day
I love how inquisitive he is (most of the time) though, he's been asking lots of questions in the car about driving so now if he sees a red traffic light he will shout STOP!!! and he shouts 'ROUNDABOWWWWWWWT' Its like having my mum in the car! (love you mum!x)

- is too big. I can hardly pick him up anymore :(


- has recently started playing properly, with the same toy for more than 2 minutes. He loves shape sorters, puzzles, turning pages and is the best finder at Hide & Seek. He always brings a toy right to my face then climbs onto my knee to play with it - he's so adorable

- can make anyone, even the meanest/scariest person smile. Taking him anywhere is so much fun because he'll stick his head out of the pram/trolley and say 'hiiiiii' with a big grin on his face until he gets a response. He gets so many squeezes from old people, its unreal. And if someone is on the phone he puts his hand to his ear, tilts his head and says 'hi!'

- weighs 23lbs 10oz and is 79cm tall

- will need to have his tonsils removed if he gets tonsilitis twice more in the next 6 months

I took some pictures of them today but haven't had chance to upload them yet, and my bed is calling so I'll do it tomorrow

Tuesday, September 7

Moan, thanks, pictures

Sorry! I've had a good excuse...or two...or three

I had this flu/virus thing for a week, during which it was Seth's 3rd birthday and I was busy buying/wrapping/baking/partying etc, then I went straight off to YW camp (still with the remains of said virus) only to be rained on for 36 hours straight, then I get home and have a day to clean the house/do the washing only to find myself with a sick bug which left me being sick for 24 hours straight.......then my cold got worse and to top it all off Jacob has decided to start waking up between 1-3am again and he now has a cold

Moan over

oh no, one more thing - what kind of a summer was that? Seriously sun - where were you?

Anyway, we've got on with things. Thank you to those that helped with the boys whilst I was camping, thanks to my YW for being such happy wet campers, thanks to everyone who bought Seth a birthday present, thanks to Allan for spring cleaning our bedroom at the weekend when I was at a wedding in Huddersfield with Rachel and Seth, thanks to Seth's pre-school for being open again and taking him for 2.5 days a week!

So here are some pictures of our month:

Seth still hasn't quite mastered the art of blowing out candles

Jacob has followed in mum, dad and big brother's footsteps and is a milkshake guzzler

me & my big boy at a wedding

Seth wanted a barn cake - but we ended up with cupcakes (don't ask!) I made the animals by hand, watch this space for my latest business venture

I totally need lessons on present opening faces!

a family shot at legoland :)

As mentioned above, Seth will be back at Tiddlywinks (his pre-school) on Monday mornings and ALL DAY Wednesday/Thursday so hopefully I will become super organised and blog more frequently. You can only imagine how empty my journals are! And yes, that is plural as I have started again so many times!

Anyway - Allan is out so I'm going to watch Masterchef Australia. Love it. I know I'm a geek and should do something more productive with my time but cooking is a hobby of mine so technically I'm learning :)

Tuesday, August 3

documented: a conversation with a 3 year old

(Seth finally potty trained at the beginning of July)

Today I have spent 3 hours sorting out our huge toy box (and under the furniture) and the 3 baskets of toys plus whatever was on the floor in Seth's room.

I'm pretty sure I did this same job a couple of months ago but I still managed to throw out a whole bag full of stuff

But....Seth's birthday is coming up. So today I decided to ask him what he would like, to avoid more un-played with toys

I recorded it but it wouldn't load onto here so I've typed it because he's so funny:

me: Seth - what would you like for your birthday presents?

seth: a dinosaur and a mammoth

me: But you already have a dinosaur and a mammoth

seth: oh yes, i forgotted i had them

me: So, what new toys would you like? Because on your birthday you can get new things, like Kimberlee got toys for her birthday

seth: yes, she gotted pink peppa pig presents

me: what would you like?

seth: i am a doctor so i need a doctors bag and tools so i can fix peoples sick

me: Gross. Ok, what else?

seth: erm.....oli has lego in a blue box, i don't have any lego and i'm going to legoland so i need to buy lego

me: Great, and what else do you like

seth: erm.....animals. i like animals in my farm. for my farm i really need a bull, and i don't have a dog, and i need 2 roosters to wake up the bull and the cow

me: Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Any Toy Story toys or do you not like that anymore?

seth: i DO like toy story. i went to see new toy story at the cinema last week. but i don't have a stinky pete or a buzz. the big buzz not the little one. where i can press the button and he goes ZOOM up to the lamp.

and i like cars, the cars who wake mack up. and a noisy truck. a big blue noisy mack truck.

and a hard gruffalo. and I like a gruffalo on my pyjamas and on my pants i want a gruffalo and toothless dragon and a baddy.
all of the scary things on my pants.

i like robin hood. the fox robin hood. and actually i want dinosaur pants

i like all of the presents for my birthday, thats all of the ones i need
and a rooster
actually on robin hood i like all of the scary ones with the big trunks and the big spiky with the rhino and airfunt. el-e-funt. thats all of the scary ones
and a ladybird. a big scary one who moves, from the shop {said whilst squashing a real ladybird on the window}

actually i think those ladies and mans at the shop don't have roosters

I love him :)

Monday, August 2

We've only just begun...

Today is my parents' 30th Wedding Anniversary

I'm listening to their wedding song - The Carpenters 'We've Only Just Begun'

The traditional gift is pearl, but funnily enough the modern day has diamonds for 30 years - does that mean its harder to be married for 30 years nowadays? Or just not as likely? Either way I hope Daddy Burgess has dusted off his credit card and treated Dawny to something fancy.......

They're spending a few days at a caravan on Anglesey

Personally I would prefer pearls but maybe in 25 years a few days in a tiny caravan with Allan will be of more value to me than pearls.....I'm so glad I bought those pearls on my honeymoon! (which Jacob recently broke)

By the way, mum and dad went on a big cruise in April so Dad's credit card is probably more rusty than dusty!

Enough of my {lack of} humour. Its late and I do have something serious to write....

When thinking about pearls I found this poem, I've heard it before. The author remains anonymous but if I were him (or her) I would put my name to this. Its a good one:

There once was an oyster, whose story I'll tell
Who found that some sand, had gotten into his shell
It was only a grain, but gave him great pain
For oysters have feelings, although they are plain

Now, did he berate the harsh workings of fate
That had brought him to such a deplorable state?
"No", he said to himself, "Since I cannot remove it",
I'll lie in my shell, and think how to improve it",

The years rolled around, as the years always do,
And he came to his ultimate destiny .... stew.
Now the small grain of sand that had bothered him so,
Was a beautiful pearl all richly aglow,

This tale has a morale, for isn't it grand,
What an oyster can do with a morsel of sand?
Think...what could we do, if we'd only begin,
With some of the things that get under our skin

So this kind of ties in with marriage. I'm not saying that marriage is a constant bother and brings pain, more that it takes time for something so small to become something so beautiful, precious and valuable. This can be applied to so many things - work, study, relationships, children, callings....etc etc

There will be occasional days when things will irritate you, but if we have the attitude of always trying to improve on these things then hopefully we will see many pearls in our lives.

Like my mum and dad.

They are both pearls.

My dad is one of the most patient people I've ever met. Mr Patience. He is amazing with my boys and will happily spend hours playing with Seth, laughing at things that would drive me mad. He is also Mr Diligent, he was the Bishop and worked away from home for a big chunk of my childhood and most of my teenage years. But he always left for meetings with a smile on his face, and now that he works from home he never clocks in/out early or leaves his desk (even if Seth is around bugging him to come and build a car park!)

Mum is Mrs Helpful. Always doing something for someone else - cooking, cleaning, sewing, washing, ironing, listening, taxi-ing, babysitting. She is amazing, and has so many talents. Useful talents. Because she didn't have an amazing education she doesn't feel talented but I am so grateful that she taught me to cook/clean/sew - all of the above. I would prefer those talents to a degree in something impractical. Every talent and skill that I have, I have learnt from her, or because of her driving me to lessons/exams. She is also Mrs Patience for sitting and teaching me these things, and raising 5 children alone Mon-Fri during the years when Dad was working away.

I can honestly say that I have no memory of them ever arguing

Here they are - tourist style!

What a great example they are to me. I hope that one day my children can say the same about mine and Allan's marriage. We're no way near perfect but, like the oyster, we are working really hard at improving things and making that pearl

Mum and Dad - I love you. Thank you. For everything x

Saturday, July 3

smooth as a baby's bum - not anymore

mid-may we were hit with a month of itchy, blistery, red, crusty, horrible chicken pox :(

Seth kindly brought it home from his pre-school, getting away with not too many spots

he decided to share with Jacob - who I fear will never be the same again

Seriously {I know I say this word too much!} he was covered from his scalp to the soles of his feet. His beautiful, smooth, perfect baby skin was practically one big blister and despite our greatest efforts I'm pretty sure he's going to have several scars.

I spent pretty much 4 weeks stuck at home with spotty kids - thankfully they weren't too miserable (maybe that was just me!) It was a horrible couple of weeks for Jacob, when people would see him they were actually in shock - I couldn't find a spot free place to kiss his cute little face. I hope he doesn't get acne because I doubt he'll appreciate my constant mollycoddling (and photographs) in his teens!

Maybe I'll start a facebook petition to bring the vaccine to the UK?! that seems to get songs to number 1 all of the time....

days 3 and 5
after a week and after a month