Tuesday, August 3

documented: a conversation with a 3 year old

(Seth finally potty trained at the beginning of July)

Today I have spent 3 hours sorting out our huge toy box (and under the furniture) and the 3 baskets of toys plus whatever was on the floor in Seth's room.

I'm pretty sure I did this same job a couple of months ago but I still managed to throw out a whole bag full of stuff

But....Seth's birthday is coming up. So today I decided to ask him what he would like, to avoid more un-played with toys

I recorded it but it wouldn't load onto here so I've typed it because he's so funny:

me: Seth - what would you like for your birthday presents?

seth: a dinosaur and a mammoth

me: But you already have a dinosaur and a mammoth

seth: oh yes, i forgotted i had them

me: So, what new toys would you like? Because on your birthday you can get new things, like Kimberlee got toys for her birthday

seth: yes, she gotted pink peppa pig presents

me: what would you like?

seth: i am a doctor so i need a doctors bag and tools so i can fix peoples sick

me: Gross. Ok, what else?

seth: erm.....oli has lego in a blue box, i don't have any lego and i'm going to legoland so i need to buy lego

me: Great, and what else do you like

seth: erm.....animals. i like animals in my farm. for my farm i really need a bull, and i don't have a dog, and i need 2 roosters to wake up the bull and the cow

me: Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Any Toy Story toys or do you not like that anymore?

seth: i DO like toy story. i went to see new toy story at the cinema last week. but i don't have a stinky pete or a buzz. the big buzz not the little one. where i can press the button and he goes ZOOM up to the lamp.

and i like cars, the cars who wake mack up. and a noisy truck. a big blue noisy mack truck.

and a hard gruffalo. and I like a gruffalo on my pyjamas and on my pants i want a gruffalo and toothless dragon and a baddy.
all of the scary things on my pants.

i like robin hood. the fox robin hood. and actually i want dinosaur pants

i like all of the presents for my birthday, thats all of the ones i need
and a rooster
actually on robin hood i like all of the scary ones with the big trunks and the big spiky with the rhino and airfunt. el-e-funt. thats all of the scary ones
and a ladybird. a big scary one who moves, from the shop {said whilst squashing a real ladybird on the window}

actually i think those ladies and mans at the shop don't have roosters

I love him :)


Lizzie said...

comedy gold! glad you recorded it!

Ryan and Katie Poulsen said...

What a cutie!!!