Tuesday, September 7

Moan, thanks, pictures

Sorry! I've had a good excuse...or two...or three

I had this flu/virus thing for a week, during which it was Seth's 3rd birthday and I was busy buying/wrapping/baking/partying etc, then I went straight off to YW camp (still with the remains of said virus) only to be rained on for 36 hours straight, then I get home and have a day to clean the house/do the washing only to find myself with a sick bug which left me being sick for 24 hours straight.......then my cold got worse and to top it all off Jacob has decided to start waking up between 1-3am again and he now has a cold

Moan over

oh no, one more thing - what kind of a summer was that? Seriously sun - where were you?

Anyway, we've got on with things. Thank you to those that helped with the boys whilst I was camping, thanks to my YW for being such happy wet campers, thanks to everyone who bought Seth a birthday present, thanks to Allan for spring cleaning our bedroom at the weekend when I was at a wedding in Huddersfield with Rachel and Seth, thanks to Seth's pre-school for being open again and taking him for 2.5 days a week!

So here are some pictures of our month:

Seth still hasn't quite mastered the art of blowing out candles

Jacob has followed in mum, dad and big brother's footsteps and is a milkshake guzzler

me & my big boy at a wedding

Seth wanted a barn cake - but we ended up with cupcakes (don't ask!) I made the animals by hand, watch this space for my latest business venture

I totally need lessons on present opening faces!

a family shot at legoland :)

As mentioned above, Seth will be back at Tiddlywinks (his pre-school) on Monday mornings and ALL DAY Wednesday/Thursday so hopefully I will become super organised and blog more frequently. You can only imagine how empty my journals are! And yes, that is plural as I have started again so many times!

Anyway - Allan is out so I'm going to watch Masterchef Australia. Love it. I know I'm a geek and should do something more productive with my time but cooking is a hobby of mine so technically I'm learning :)


Melly Mel said...

you guys are so cute. i love it.