Tuesday, September 21


I had a birthday

Nothing special, just 24. Two dozen. Almost half of 50. Eeek!

Birthdays aren't as special without my mum to make a fuss over me, don't get me wrong I'm grateful that me and Allan could go out for a nice meal (thanks Richard {father-in-law} for babysitting), and Allan cooked me breakfast, and the in-laws had us over for Sunday lunch on my bday but it just felt like any other day. But older. I did get my 'fill' of good food though, which is an extremely important part of birthdays for me :)

A quick update:


- started swimming lessons. He cried for the whole 30 minutes on week 1, and intermittently on week 2. Crazy kid, he's actually really good, we went to a swimming party at the weekend and he spent the whole hour jumping in, swimming to the side and jumping back in shouting 'To Infinity and Beyond!!'

- says lots of prayers. I don't think I've ever written about his prayers - he's been saying them for well over a year now but he's started to really think about what he's saying now. This morning he wanted to say the prayer as we were leaving the house - before he started he asked me where we were going (the supermarket) and then said that is boring. So his prayer was 'Dear Heavenly Father, ganks for this day, please bless us and the trees and the leaves and the branches, keep them all safe. Say these blessings, Jesus Christ, Amen. He likes to interrupt if anyone else is saying the prayer "you forgot to bless the missionaries to bring more people to church" etc, and quite often he'll say his own prayer at church rather than listen to them!

- is in the question phase. I must hear the phrase 'tell me a question about the farm/zoo' 20+ times a day
I love how inquisitive he is (most of the time) though, he's been asking lots of questions in the car about driving so now if he sees a red traffic light he will shout STOP!!! and he shouts 'ROUNDABOWWWWWWWT' Its like having my mum in the car! (love you mum!x)

- is too big. I can hardly pick him up anymore :(


- has recently started playing properly, with the same toy for more than 2 minutes. He loves shape sorters, puzzles, turning pages and is the best finder at Hide & Seek. He always brings a toy right to my face then climbs onto my knee to play with it - he's so adorable

- can make anyone, even the meanest/scariest person smile. Taking him anywhere is so much fun because he'll stick his head out of the pram/trolley and say 'hiiiiii' with a big grin on his face until he gets a response. He gets so many squeezes from old people, its unreal. And if someone is on the phone he puts his hand to his ear, tilts his head and says 'hi!'

- weighs 23lbs 10oz and is 79cm tall

- will need to have his tonsils removed if he gets tonsilitis twice more in the next 6 months

I took some pictures of them today but haven't had chance to upload them yet, and my bed is calling so I'll do it tomorrow