Monday, November 8

beauty 101

If, like me, you struggle to know which of the thousands of beauty products you should buy, you don't trust magazine reviews that tend to say the best products are conveniently from the brands advertised in said magazines, you don't want to spend a fortune on a product and it be no better than something you can pick up at the should read this blog

Yes I'm biased because it is written by my gorgeous and uber talented sister Amy, aka geek, but she knows what she's talking about! She is a qualified make-up artist and has worked at one of the best cosmetic stores in the UK for a long time. This job has many perks (30% discount on everything - let me know if you have an order!) and she gets to take home the testers so tries out all of the £££ creams, lotions and potions. Anyway - she has started a blog with honest, unbiased reviews and advice so add it to your reading lists. If you need any beauty advice, just post a comment on the blog and she'll help you out :)

She is also available for bridal/fashion/make-up lessons UK wide... if you want skin like this, she's your girl :)


Amyzing said...

Ahhww thanks Katie! Lovely lovely lovely x

Melly Mel said...

good to know. thanks love!

(^o^) Vane *0* said...

very good article that reminds me grabbing a few months to buysome very good products online at and I camequickly and without problems