Saturday, December 4

to do list...

I write to do lists

I lose these lists and then write another

Every now and then I find lists from a long time ago and I still have to do some of the things on them

Which results in a few minutes of depression, followed by rationalisation and justification. Possible some chocolate

And then I start a new list combining the others :)

Basically I have so many things that I want to do and seemingly so little time to do them. Thanks to flylady my constant guilt for being at home and not cleaning 24/7 has been reduced slightly and I may squeeze in some 'hobby time'

Here are a few of my to do's:

* set up some kind of business. that I enjoy. this will probably have to wait until Jacob starts part time pre-school (next year). I'm thinking party/wedding planning, cake decorating, something creative with a bit of admin to it. I'm a sucker for admin!

* make a world map for Seth's bedroom wall. I even bought the stuff for this! It will be huge, made of felt with lots of smaller bits to stick on (also made of felt) i.e. country/continent labels, some well known buildings (eiffel tower/big ben etc), various animals. I've seen these on the internet retailing for almost £200! What a rip off. Who knows, maybe making these could be my business!

* re-accessorise my house. I read loads of interior design blogs and have hundreds of pictures saved but just never get round to this. However a few weeks ago I did order a radiator cover for my hallway as I need some kind of shelf and the radiator is ugly and in a really awkward place

* blog

* constantly pester allan to do things on his to do list (I'm pretty good at this, but its ongoing)

* organise my recipe collection. I've started on this one too, going through my gigantic collection of cookery magazines tearing out the recipes I would like to try. But I need them all together, categorized.

* cook the recipes from said collection

* taste the recipes from said collection WITHOUT getting fat(ter)

which brings me to my biggest, and longest running 'to do' ever

*****GET SKINNY*****

I know that most of you reading are extra kind and will say 'you don't need to lose weight, you look great' etc and I totally appreciate those comments (don't change a thing, honesty is not always the best policy!)

Unfortunately, as Shakira put it, my hips don't lie

Until I had Seth I didn't diet. I exercised occasionally. Since then I totally understand the term Yo-Yo dieting.
I won't lie, I'm totally tempted by the gastric band! Diet and exercise are tough. Changing your routine/lifestyle is tough.
No more kids will be growing in this body until it is skinny. Ok, maybe not skinny - slim :)
I started P90x (google it) but I couldn't walk after 3 days! Its good, hardcore. I need to start again, maybe my mistake is that I always start on a Monday. Mondays suck. I'll start from now (its fast Sunday so I must lose at least 1lb!)

Anyway, if I'm going to get anything done I need to get some sleep!


naomi said...

I'm pretty obsesssive about list making. After I organise my to-do list I feel a bit relieved, even when I still have all the listed items to do! My list has a couple in common with you though. Eugh, getting skinny and healthy. bah. So harrrrrrrrrd

Kimberley said...

ooh I love a list - unfortunately mine doesn't seem to get any smaller - it just keeps getting added to. P90x - don't do it every day - just do 3 times a week, it gives your muscles a small amount of time to relax!