Wednesday, February 16

back for good?

I shouldn't be blogging right now, but the dishwasher & washing machine are on, the house is pretty clean/tidy, Jacob is (hopefully) going to sleep, Seth is at pre-school, I've just been catching up on the blogs I follow and it made me want to blog.

So I'm giving myself a 5 minute time goes!

The Boys:

Seth is getting so grown up and I want him to be the funniest, cutest, most well-behaved, adventurous, sporty, kind, loving, intelligent little thing but most of all I want him to love me. Which he doesn't when I'm constant telling him off for not being all of the above so I really need to ease up on the poor kid. He is only 3!

So we've been doing more fun things, like riding his bike, getting 10-12 new books from the library per week and reading them all in a day or two, listening to different music, watching new programmes, cooking together and crafting. Check out our valentine's beauties :)

I'm pretty sure that I made these up, although I could have seen them somewhere in the past and it stayed in my mind, but I'm going to take the credit. We wrote 'I'm a sucker for you' inside the leaf. Martha Stewart eat your heart out!

Jacob is going through a clingy phase, whenever it seems like I may be going out or leaving him with someone he starts to cry. Which is nice, but I need him to stay in nursery on Sundays! He's starting to talk a lot more and sometimes does actions for things like eat and says 'shhh shhh' when he sees people asleep. He tells me when he's done a poo (I guess we'll be potty training this summer) and I've signed him up for pre-school in the fall. The fall?! Haha I have too many American friends. In September.

Yes, come September I will have 2 whole afternoons of freedom.

Which brings me back to my to-do list....

So far I've managed to:
assemble and install the said radiator cover
get new cushion covers for the couch, with real feather cushions that actually poof back up when fluffed!
choose real bedding for Jacob's cot, as it will soon be converted into a cotbed
I found some excellent sticky notes to help with organising my recipes....!
And I've cooked a few of them - and Allan approved :)

Zero progress has been made on the skinny thing. But the mornings are getting lighter so fingers crossed I'll be able to drag my fat butt out of bed one day and get started!


Kelly Shirt said...

Oh yay you blogged!! I have those sticky tabs too...'The Works'?! I've yet found time to actually use any of them though!? :(

Annie Ogle said...

I love making lists too. I confess I sometimes write something down I've already done but forgot to include, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off!