Sunday, April 17

monthly update.....

I thought I was getting back into the swing of things but an unexpected few weeks of warm weather have kept us out and about :) So whilst the monkeys are in the garden I'll try and catch up!

Easter is fast approaching and I've had this recipe saved to try out for a couple of years now, who knows - this might be the year!

The boys are getting too grown up: Seth has been accepted at our 1st choice school, which is within walking distance. I'm amazed at how many things there are to go to before he starts in September including teddy bear's picnics and home visits from his teacher to be!! He's had this horrible red, flakey skin around his mouth for a long time now but I think (touch wood) that he's stopped licking enough for it to finally begin to heal. He also got sunburnt really bad (it was 19 degrees!) which resulted in another trip to our EXTREMELY irritating doctor, and another reminder for me that I need to switch drs! He's excited to start school although its starting to sink in that he won't be going to pre-school for much longer, and he's not too happy about that.

Jacob is still anti-nursery. When we're at church if I say 'do you want to go to nursery Jake?' he'll shake his head, run to me and say 'no, no, no!' Then when I leave him in there he will scream until the nursery leaders kindly return him. He's due to start pre-school in September so hopefully he will be past this phase by then, but actually I don't mind because they won't bring him home to me! He's talking a lot more, but I do think that most of the time only I understand him.

We've booked a holiday for June so we're all very much looking forward to that. Airplanes and theme parks and beaches :)

Its feeding time at the zoo - final thought....check out this shop