Saturday, May 7

Body blitz so far -2lbs, day 3

So it's another fat post. Sorry to be so predictable! The past 7 months have been my worst EVER weight wise. I've lost pounds then put them back on several times, I blame winter and my kids and FOOD! If all food tasted like blue cheese then I wouldn't have this problem. I'm a big foodie, I have a cookery magazine addiction, I read food blogs and love nothing more than going out for a nice meal. I like to cook too but enjoy not having to clean up, and my presentation isn't quite restaurant standard.

Anyway we're going on a lovely holiday in 34 days and I fear I may have left it a little late to get bikini friendly but hopefully I'll be able to brave a swimming costume, or tankini. Or maybe just shorts and a vest!

Whatever happens I am going to be hungry for the next month, but thanks to my cousin's wife, Rachel, I have a {hopefully} foolproof diet to follow. It's called Body Blitz and basically its no wheat/dairy/sugar, limited (wheat free) carbs and no alcohol. Now I've got the no alcohol part sorted but I am a huge (literally) carb/wheat/dairy/sugar fan so if you just told me to cut these out I'd last maybe a day then get bored. But this diet comes with 2 weeks worth of recipes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the best thing is - the food actually tastes pretty good. I did gag a little on my banana and porridge this morning but that's more due to my dislike of mushy banana texture. But I thoroughly enjoyed my steak and salad today and my grilled chicken wrapped in Parma ham yesterday.

You do get a daily milk allowance and there are options to have tea/coffee etc for those of you who enjoy those beverages. I've been only drinking water, and lots of it. Every evening when Allan comes in with his plate of snacks I glug away at my water whilst thinking up torture methods (he's sat munching on chocolate shortbread biscuits and coconut cake as I write this, at 11pm!)

Ideally I'd like to lose 7-10lbs before holiday then shift at least another 7 after we get back. So here goes. If you see me snacking please stop me. Seriously please do. And dont try to tempt me because I'm weak. I will crumble (crap, now I'm thinking about apple crumble and custard)

So wish me luck or you won't see me in any holiday pictures. And feel free to send any quick pound shifting sick bugs my way!!!



naomi said...

Eurghhhhhhhhh no carbs, what, dairy, or sugar? what on earth do you eattttt? arghhh. I could seriously do with losing some fatness, If you fancy sharing this little doohickey, I'm all ears. I'll commiserate along side you. I've just eaten a box of ferrero rocher, a brownie and ice cream, after a pizza and some fizzy drinks.

Kelly Shirt (EatnMess) said...

Come running with Ashley and I tomorrow morning. Stick Jake in her pram with will and we take turns pushing.....come on you know you want to!! :)