Wednesday, May 11

Body Blitzing

So - I've made it to day 7. I won't lie, I've had the occasional nibble of something not allowed on the list - wholemeal pitta bread tasted like heaven, a chocolate chip or two whilst baking cookies for Allan's brother's birthday, a square of Jacob's cheese on toast. But all relatively harmless and in very small amounts. Other than that I've been pretty good, and I've managed to introduce some exercise :)

Up until September I was doing so well at exercising then winter came and it was too cold or too dark or I just couldn't be bothered. I'm sure that most of you have been there. Then the pounds creep on and you get down about it so really really can't be bothered. I've finally snapped out of that phase, a holiday is great motivation but it could be anything - a wedding, health or just summer in general. Everyone wants to look good on the beach, men and women alike!

So this week I started slowly with some 'yogalates' (yoga/pilates, but more on the pilates side so you don't need to be freaky flexible) then I went for a run. Yes a run. My nike+ tells me that I haven't been since May of last year, I think I did a couple in August without using it but still....thats a long time.

You know the amazing feeling that you get after you've exercised? Some little hormones called endorphins are released into your blood and you suddenly feel like superman/woman. Read this to see exactly what the 8 different hormones released during exercise do. Well I get that, and as I generally do my exercising first thing in the morning I come home and do more exercise! So I'll do a 30 minute yogalates 'cardio enhancer' workout or a 10 minute abs workout. I'm hoping to also do something later on in the evening too.

I know this sounds like a lot but when I say I went for a run....I'm not a marathon runner, I'm building it up slowly. Today I ran 1.2 miles, on Monday I did 0.9. I've read that you're supposed to increase your distance by no more than 10% at a time when you're starting out but I'm just running until I want/need to stop. And I'm taking it slowly. The thing I've always struggled with whilst running, particularly outside, is my breathing but I seem to have improved on that now by counting my breaths to my steps (I do in through the nose for 4 then out through the mouth for 4). So far this has helped me not get cramps and generally not feel like my chest is going to explode :) I've read that exclusive nasal breathing is the way forwards, maybe I'll give it a go next time.

As for the food, its been pretty good. I've even taken some pictures especially for anyone interested. There was also an amazing king prawn balti which I ate so fast that I didn't get chance to take a picture!

Breakfast - bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes with watercress and balsamic vinegar

Lunch (but I switched it to dinner) - chicken + chestnut mushroom risotto

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and watercress (I used thinly sliced bacon)

It has taken too long for me to do something about getting in shape, I hope that I won't be moaning about being fat again in another few months. If I do, please give me a slap! Its very nice when people tell you that you're looking slim, and although it wouldn't be nice - it might give people the kick up the bum we need if someone says that we're looking a little 'curvaceous' or 'well' or 'healthy!' I promise that I won't be offended, although I can't say the same for others...