Thursday, May 19

I've Been Body Blitzed

So - the results are in.................after 14 days of Body Blitzing I'm 6 pounds lighter and I've lost 8 inches :)

1.5" from under bust
2" from bust (gutted!)
2.5" from around my big fat belly
1" from the hips
0.5" from each arm
0.5" from each thigh (which I've only counted once, so I guess it could be 9 inches!)

So as I pulled on my skinny jeans today without the usual 'squat, yank, pull, squat, yank, pull' routine I found myself feeling rather smug.

As I ate that one little 'reward' cookie last night I found myself feeling rather stupid.

As I was awake half the night with a horrible headache (which was no doubt a result of said cookie after being sugar free for 2 weeks) I felt ashamed.

So this morning when Seth suggested walking to pre-school (1.3 miles) I decided that washing my hair could wait, we got ready super fast and had a lovely walk in the sun. I totally overestimated how long it would take us and made Seth walk really fast, ok he was pretty much jogging for 2/3 of the time! We arrived in 30 minutes, with 10 mins to spare before pre-school even opened. Thank you Seth for giving me some exercise today. I pushed Jacob back, via the shops to grab some bits for dinner, and all this before 10am!

We're having the missionaries over for dinner tonight so I'm having a day off the strict diet and I'm planning to indulge in a hearty bowl of pasta. But tomorrow I'm starting the body blitz again.

21 days until holiday, 4 pounds to lose to achieve my goal. Sounds pretty achievable :)

Here are another couple of (phone, sorry about the poor quality) pictures of what I've been eating:

breakfast: scrambled egg on rye toast breakfast: poached egg on rye toast with freshly squeezed (by my own fair hand) orange juice

Dinner: Quick fix platter (you choose from a big list of items)

Allan's antipasti platter on the same day. I <3 bread

Dinner on the final day, roast loin of pork with homemade apple sauce (made really simply by baking the apples with the pork then squishing them after) and extra tasty veggies fresh from the farm shop.

Of all the diets I have attempted, this has been by far the easiest and most enjoyable. Highly recommended to all. You can buy the book here or download the app here. There are a lot more recipes in the book so I'll probably buy that too eventually. In the book they suggest doing 30 mins of exercise a minimum of 3x a week. I've only done 5 x 20 minute runs over the 2 weeks and 2 x 30 minute yogalates workouts. So if you exercise a lot you'll probably lose even more.

Happy dieting :)


naomi said...

That's amazing! well done you!!!!

Kimberley said...

you've done so well Katie. Was lovely seeing you walking this morning - good for you!