Monday, February 15

LoVe & Cupcakes

cupcakes, sick kids, showers, more cupcakes, driving, wales, massage, medicine, cough cough cough

that summarizes the past month

I had a fun day out with my mother-in-law Alison, for Christmas she got to book a cookery class and asked me to go with her. We did cupcakes. I am now the cupcake queen! I really enjoyed learning something new (I've achieved at least one of my goals for the year) and it was a nice break from the strict routine of a toddler and a baby.

these are the ones we made at the course

these are some I made at home for a baby shower

I've decided that pre-school is a big con. You pay for your kids to go there, they pick up every illness around, then you still have to pay when they can't go because they're sick. Thankfully he does enjoy the {somewhat limited} amount of time he spends there.

Jacob has been ill for over half of his life. Doctors in England suck. I've taken him 3x now, each dr has given me a different medicine and explanation for his constant wheeze/cough ranging from baby bronchitis, chest infection, possible asthma and...the latest......some babies are just wheezy. Seriously. So I told him I'd had enough and wanted referring to a paediatrician.

The appointment they gave me is in 6 weeks.

Say it with me now..........SERIOUSLY!

(can you tell that Grey's is back on?!)

He is so close to crawling now, he shuffles backwards, 360s so fast he must get dizzy and does press ups or the plank to stay in shape :)

Seth has had conjunctivitis, a bad cough and now he has an ear infection and tonsils the size of tennis balls. My nights are a blur of crying children, fetching medicine/drinks, turning the heating on/off and occasionally sleeping so now I have a cough and runny nose and absolutely no energy during the day. Which isn't good as I'm supposed to be getting skinny for......

THE {top secret} party of the year. 2 months tomorrow.

I did find the time to host a baby shower for my friend Sarah, she's due to have a baby girl at the end of March. She has the smallest bump I've ever seen, and every time I see it it makes me not want to be pregnant again until I'm as skinny as an 11 year old girl in the hope that my bump can too be so small and cute rather than huge, heavy and permanently damaging to my pelvis.

spot the bump

Gosh I sound a bit depressed. I promise that I'm not - I love my life, and my boys and wouldn't trade them for anything. Being a mother makes you appreciate your parents so much more. And this weekend my parents let me have 26 hours off. 26 hours of bliss

Allan took Friday off work so we travelled up to Wales on Thursday night then first thing on Friday morning me and Allan left. Alone :) We went to the cinema (twice!), had lunch in a random cafe, walked pram free around a seaside town, had side by side massages at the spa, walked along the marina, ate at a nice restaurant with no high chairs in sight.....It was fantastic.

Dad did the night shift and needless to say he fell asleep on the couch not long after we got back! Thanks again Mum, Dad and GeekTom


naomi said...

Eurgh the NHS are a total waste of time. I absolutely hate the healthcare here. They can't even tell me how pregnant I am, refused to give me a scan when the baby stopped moving for 2 days and are generally just a bunch of prats. One doctor literally wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic that I just happened to know you can not take in the 3rd trimester... what kind of a retard doctor is that? I hope you all get better. I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself (haven't been able to kick this massive cold for almost 3 weeks now) but then your post reminded me that I don't have a toddler and baby to care for and made me feel guilty for ever complaining. You're superwoman! And that girls bump is micro. It's kind of shocking how huge I've gotten (I looked 30 weeks pregnant when I was 20 weeks pregnant according to googled images). My sister in law looked like I do now when she birthed a 7lb baby... great.
Those cupcakes look amazing by the way. How on earth did you pipe the icing out that well? Hope you're alright though.

Kimberley said...

looks perfect Katie - glad you had a lovely time and hope the boys get better soon xx

Melly Mel said...

Those cupcakes look incredible.
So happy to see that you guys had a good time despite not feeling 100%