Thursday, February 18


So I've been coughing for a while. I'm not a big fan of my doctor (see below) so I didn't go for about a month. This week it got so bad that it felt like I had a tennis ball in my throat and I couldn't swallow, as I'm a fan of eating that gave me the incentive to visit the lame Dr.

He says I have bronchitis

Its bad that I don't know whether to believe him or not!

Anyways I have a load of medicines, including inhalers {geek} so we'll see if it gets any better

I hope so because today the tennis ball in throat feeling has moved to the tubes between my ears and nose/throat. The eustachian tubes (thanks wikipedia)

On the bright side I have absolutely no sense of smell so poo filled nappies are not such a chore!


Kimberley said...

you seriously need to change doctors. Hope the medicine works this time xx

Melly Mel said...

ahhhh I Hope you feel better!