Saturday, January 16

mmm leopard

Another couple of weeks have flown by and even though I've been stuck at home most of the time (its been too icy for Allan to go to work on his Vespa) I still haven't managed to blog. However my house is looking quite clean and its even starting to look a little bit organised.

Just a little bit, I'm not one of those super efficient - labeled drawer types and we don't have the luxury of a nice big cupboard to dump everything in when visitors arrive. But I would love one. And I like the idea of having labeled boxes neatly stacked away, we just don't have anywhere to put said boxes. I would love a pantry. It would look like this

Oh well, I can dream. Out of the corner of my eye I can see my 'How to be the Perfect Housewife' book getting dusty on the bookshelf. I have read it, and thoroughly enjoyed it actually. I'll have to add it to my goodreads!

I did manage to sneak into town for a little shopping trip and it was one of those days....

You know when you actually have money and you go out with the purpose of buying new clothes but then you find nothing you like, or you try some things on and they don't fit/look right and you think you're fat and go home all depressed and empty handed?

Well it wasn't one of those days. It was the one where you have no money to spend and you're not supposed to be shopping and all of a sudden you find yourself holding enough clothes to fill your wardrobe and possibly a few labeled drawers....and everything looks good!

So I battled with my conscience in the changing rooms (I put more than 2/3 of the things back!)

I felt guilty walking to the till, and I only went in H&M, DP and Topshop so its not like they were even expensive shops!

But once I'd paid and I had a nice bag with actual things in for me the guilt soon disappeared, and tomorrow when I wear my dress to church hopefully I'll feel fantastic. Unless the changing room mirrors were slightly angled to make you look skinnier (if I had a clothes shop I would totally do this) and I actually look like a floral whale....... to be continued I guess!

Anyway, enough about me! The boys are doing great. Jacob is actually perfect, he's almost completely better after a really rough few months and he's pretty much sleeping through again. Hooray! He's getting too big though and I don't want him to be all big and talk back to me and have the terrible two's like Sethy....

Seth. Even though I know exactly where this kid comes from, I have no idea where he comes from. If you know what I mean. He is the cheekiest, funniest, cleverest (I know its not a word), miserable-est (again, I know!), strangest, loveliest, oddest, cutest thing ever. He's going through a phase of not liking dinner, he would happily eat breakfast and lunch all day but as soon as you say dinner he will actually ask to go to bed rather than eat it. He likes anything fishfinger-esque or tinned beans & sausages. Thats about it. This week I decided I wasn't going to give him something didn't really work. He chose bed!

One night we were having shepherd's pie. Gordon Ramsay style (recipe here)

He said 'Mom - I eating all my leopard pie'

I didn't correct him.

Unfortunately he also says lots of not cute things too - lots of 'I don't likes' and 'I don't wants'
He loves grumpiness. Mr Grumpy is his favourite Mr Men book (out of the 4 we have!). He finds it absolutely hilarious when I'm reading it and I say (in a Mr Grumpy voice) 'Give me some sausages! NOW!'

He adores Jacob, and vice versa. See below :)


naomi said...

I love that cupboard more than anything ahhhhhhhhhhh. I really enjoy organising chaos into neatly partitioned segments.
Nicely done on your shopping trip! You do not look like a whale, so I bet everything fits just lovely. I on the other hand am pretty whale-like right now, so the New Year sale does me no favours. Boo

Carol said...

I want that pantry too.

Katie your boys are so lovely (even if one has a grumpy gene, one of ours does too) and I can only imagine you looked fantastic in your new dress today.

Dad B said...

The Leopard's Pie looks great, and I love your very accurate description of Seth. Make sure you keep it for his journal.