Friday, January 1


November came and I had another ward activity - the annual fireworks night and BBQ.

It rained. Alot.

Also Seth came down with hand, foot and mouth. He had the most terrible blisters and ulcers in his mouth which lasted a few weeks. Before that episode he still slept with a dummy - if you're ever struggling to get your child off theirs....blisters in the mouth work a treat. However they do come with lots and lots and lots of screaming, no eating and grumpiness so I would try the traditional method first.

Jacob was finally blessed at church. For those of you unfamiliar with our religion we don't baptise or Christen babies, they are simply given a blessing by their father (or a male relative/friend) at our usual church services one Sunday. It is a short and simple prayer, entirely spontaneous and the father relies on the Spirit to help him. They normally last no longer than a minute, no water or dressing up the baby is required! Baptism is done at the age of 8 or above when the child has an understanding of what they are doing. For more info see

I went to the New Moon fan party, the UK equivalent of a premiere. I entered a competition to win, but didn't. Thankfully my lovely friend Kim (getting lots of mentions today!) won and was unable to go, as I told her about the competition she gave the tickets to me. Thank you again! So me and my bestest friend Rachel went and had a great time :)

Mr Cullen

I finally gave in and started to wean Jacob at the end of the month - this was his first baby rice


naomi said...

I am loving how insanely happy he looks when he's covered in bubbles hahaha. Good description of a baby blessing by the way