Friday, January 1


If I could sum December up in one word it would be..... COLD

The UK went crazy as a few cms of snow closed motorways, railways and airports. Thankfully whilst the worst of the snow was down south me and the boys took a little road trip up to Wales. We enjoyed blue skies and sunshine until half an hour before we left, the first 60 miles or so of the trip home were a bit slow but the last 200 were fine. I think the snow scared everyone off the roads so we had the motorways pretty much to ourselves travelling there and back.

Jake with Grandad Seth with his Geek
Jakey loves Grandma
the drive home

We had a great time with Mum, Dad, Grandma Carole and Geek (Amy). On the day we left Ray, Becky, Chester, Pete, Linds, Wilson, Jackson, Andy and Rachel arrived. We were sad to go but missed Daddy :)

We spent Christmas Day at home, just the 4 of us, and I cooked my first solo Christmas dinner (well, Allan did the potatoes). The boys were spoilt and I now have to reorganise my whole house to fit in their new toys. Ok, its not very organised anyway so maybe thats a good thing...

Santa left some milk!

Boxing day we always spend with Allan's extended family, eating more turkey and spoiling the kids even more! This year we went to The Cock Inn, in Stock. It was a lovely little place - really good food, especially the cheesecake :)

Allan was working between the holidays so we didn't really do anything else - on New Years Eve Seth decided he wanted to go to bed at 6pm so we ordered Chinese food, watched a film (Star Trek) and went to bed just after midnight ready to be woken up by Jake a few hours after. He has baby bronchitis, the bad kind. He had a horrible wheeze and is in so much pain when he coughs, poor little thing. He now has lots of medicine including an inhaler which breaks my heart a little every time I have to do it. Seth didn't want to be left out so he's on a course of anti-biotics for a chest infection too. Seriously - us Brits can't cope with the cold. I'm thinking next year we'll go away for the holidays?!

Jacob celebrated his 6 month mark by rolling. Let the re-babyproofing begin!

Anyway - Happy New Year everyone. I really do hope its a good one