Friday, October 23


I am having such a busy few feels like I have a hundred things to do and I'm busy all day and then I still haven't managed to cross anything off my many to-do lists. So I'm having a time out to blog....not that many people read this but its nice to write things down sometimes.

So, a few things that happened over the past month......I lost all the main files for my photos taken in 2009 (so basically everything taken with the new expensive camera we got last Christmas!) I still have the iphoto backup/thumbnail files which are less than 30kb (very small for the non computer literate) so I can only print them in 4x6 before they look terrible. That'll teach me for not backing up or getting prints done regularly.

Also we took Seth to his first Arsenal match and he loved it (and yes I did too, much better than on the tv) Next week he has another Arsenal to follow

(I'm actually looking on our calendar to see what we've been up to - obviously not that exciting!)

Our tv broke. The big one. They took it away for almost a week....thankfully this coincided with a rare week off work for Allan so we packed the car/kids and headed to Mum and Dad's house in Rhyl, North Wales.

We had a great few days up there - my brother Pete and his wife Lindsay blessed their 2 little boys Wilson and Jackson, we spent a whole afternoon driving around Snowdonia (the boys slept through most of it!) , we went to Knowsley safari park and had our car abused by a baboon.... and one day my parents had the kids from 10am-10pm so me and Allan spent a whole day without nappies/bottles/crying. It felt like we were dating again - shopping, cinema, Nandos :)

There was also another new addition to our family - Allan's brother Scott and his wife Rachel now have a beautiful baby boy, Jonathan Henry Stevens. We've not visited him yet as we've all been a bit 'fluey' but we're going tomorrow so hopefully I'll get some pictures (and not delete them!)

Grandma Burgess turned 75 :) Happy Birthday Gwan'ma Carole

So those things don't really explain why I've been busy - I've also been trying to plan 3 ward activities! We're holding a chili cook-off next Friday with a Western theme, combined with a trunk or treat for the primary. Then the week after there's the annual ward fireworks night/bbq. Then the day after that its our Stake music festival and I've had to do lots of begging and bribing to get 2 songs and a dance together for that. We had a rehearsal for one of the acts last night and it actually sounded really really good :)

This week was our relief society cooking club too (which I'm in charge of) so I'd been practicing one pot/slow cooker meals for that!

Finally we've got Jacob's blessing next Sunday and I'm trying to figure out what to do foodwise for that, and more importantly where to eat as another ward meets at our chapel in the afternoons. Jacob is still being a really good boy - sleeping well, smiling lots. I couldn't ask for anything else. He had his 3rd set of injections yesterday so hopefully there will be some swimming pictures on here soon.

Busy huh?!

This isn't really a fun post is it.....I have a Seth story:

One day last week I was downstairs working on the computer when Seth came down looking all mischievous. When he got closer I could see he had a strange white paste around his mouth. He came up to me and with a huge smile he shook his head and said 'Not been eating Mummy's medicine!'

Aaaaggh! I freaked out, ran upstairs to see if he'd got into the painkillers and then I spotted an empty tub on the kitchen table.

An empty tub of chewing gum.
That'll teach me for telling him chewing gum is mummy and daddy's medicine!

I later found all the gum pellets on the living room carpet with the coating licked off. Thankfully he hadn't chewed them.

what a character


naomi said...

I love that you told him chewing gum was your medicine hahahahaha. I'd never really thought about what you're supposed to tell a kid to keep them off the chewing gum. Dead sorry about your photos - we managed to lose a ton of photos over the Summer. It's probably one of the most depressing feelings to realise that proof of your memories just got WIPED. Also I want some of that shampoo. And I might seriously come up and visit sometime, maybe I can babysit and get some practice in haha. Hope you're good, your boys are gorgeous xxxx