Tuesday, September 15

rain rain go away

Its raining. The sky is a lovely shade of grey....

Today I am grateful for whoever invented dry shampoo! I'm so glad that this morning instead of going to all the trouble of washing and blow drying my slightly greasy mane I simply shook a can, sprayed it, left it whilst I brushed my teeth and then rubbed it in. Sooo much quicker - and it has been drenched several times since then but I don't mind because I can just wash it tonight :)

Easily pleased!

So far this month Seth has been playing on his birthday slide from Nana & Grandad Stevens lots, we also had an incident with red lentils and we played dinosaur crazy golf with Andy & Rachel Blomfield.

My parents were over for a couple of nights last week, Seth was looking forward to them coming for about a week before. He loves his Gwanma and Gwandad. Thankfully the rain hadn't hit yet so we played in the garden lots, they brought his birthday presents: a cleaning set (including vacuum/mop/brush & shovel), a lawnmower that makes bubbles as you push, a race car driver suit and a Lightning McQueen tent. He has a cleaning obsession - excellent!

Last week I also had some strange allergic reaction thing. At first my hands were itchy, then they turned really red, then I started getting weird red lumps and patches up my arms, neck, ears and legs. I itched from head to toe. Thankfully after 24 hours and a few Piriton it had gone.

I've been trying to spend some time each day doing something new/fun with Sethy. We made thank you cards for his birthday presents, a Red Indian/Native American (whichever is pc) hat from a kit he got from Pete, Linds, Wilson & Jackson, finger paintings and rice crispy cakes....see below!

I had a really good Relief Society lesson last week about prioritising/time management. Blogging is on my 'want to do' list. Exercise is on my 'need to do' list. I haven't exercised today....but its easier to blog whilst watching the kids than to jump around with Davina! I WILL do it tonight though, need to do extra this week to make up for all of the cakes and chocolates that Allan will no doubt shower me with on Saturday (my bday!)

Finally a few more pictures - Jacob getting bigger by the day and Seth falling asleep in unusual positions!


Melly Mel said...

such a great post! There is such things as dry shampoo???? also, did you ever get my package of goodies for the babies? I made you a headband etc...
i am guessing no...

i miss you guys.
when i win the lottery i am coming to the UK!