Tuesday, September 1


wow, August has gone already. Summer has gone. I don't feel any browner, but hopefully I'm a little slimmer than I was at the start of summer. If not please don't feed me! I started my official diet/exercise regime last Monday and so far, so good. I've been following a vegan diet/detox and trying to do a 30 minute 'Davina' work out every morning after Jacob's 6am feed. I do feel a lot healthier and I still have all the energy I need to look after the boys and keep the house kind of clean. My bestest friend Rachel is dieting too (hope she doesn't mind me publicising this!) so we weigh in on a Monday and motivate each other with texts/emails throughout the week. We both have skinny sisters we have to be seen with so need to shift a few lbs!

So, what have we done in August? Allan had a week off so we took a few little day trips - my favourite was to Harwich, lots of cute boats and a walk along the beach. We also took Seth for his first cinema trip, we saw Ice Age 3 in 3D. He was so cute wearing his little 3d specs with his huge bag of popcorn. He did cry once when a huge t-rex popped out and roared really really loud but other than that he was an angel. He loves animated films, especially ones with animals (or Cars). He calls it the 'cinemuff!'

We also had Sethy's birthday. I can't believe he's 2 already, he starts at a playgroup called 'Tiddlywinks' tomorrow for 2 mornings a week. I'm looking forward to the 6 hours a week without him in some ways but I will miss him being around making me laugh/shout. He will randomly look at me now and say 'I love you mummy.' He makes me so happy, actually more than happy - he makes me feel real Joy. He's delicious.

Anyway, we had some family over on his birthday evening for cake number 1 (angel cake - he asked for pink cake so he helped me decorate it with strawberries)

Then he had a birthday party the next day, loosely themed on The Hungry Caterpillar. Thankfully the weather was nice so we had the party in the garden with the ball pool, bouncey castle and bubble machine. It started to rain just as we finished opening the presents, perfect timing :) The party went well, a big THANK YOU to my sisters in law Karen and Louise who came early to help set up and left last after helping clear up. And to my mother in law Alison for looking after Jacob.

Quick Jacob update - he's perfect. He sleeps from 7/8pm until 6/7am. If you pick him up and sit him on your knee he will smile and coo constantly (unless he's hungry). He really is a dream to live with, so far. Touch wood.

Nothing special planned for September so far. Its my birthday on the 19th but I don't think we're going to do anything, although I am thinking about a visit to mum and dad's. Birthdays aren't the same when you don't live at home, maybe if I'm there then it will be more exciting! And I might get cake. A vegan one!

oh, we all had hair cuts too :)


Claire Godfrey said...

Katie I love following your FB and blog - makes me supremely jealous of your life but happy that someone I know and like is enjoying it! I hope you and your family are well and keep up the updates - you provide a real life fairy tale for us normal folk to follow! Lots of love, Claire xx

Louise said...

I know what you mean about our boys starting pre-school :( I'm feeling a little anxious about tomorrow! I hope Seth enjoys himself today.

I agree, my nephews really are delicious and i always have a smile on my face when i'm around them. Love you Sethy and Jacob xx

p.s can you e-mail me your birthday list please x

Amy Burgess said...

come to wales for your birthday :) you know you want to. i'll make you any cake you want, fat free of course x

Melly Mel said...

You look so great! No need for a diet! I love the way you look hun! So beautiful. I loved these pictures!