Wednesday, July 29


ooops - I'm slacking already!

We've had a few days away and I've just about caught up on housework/washing, Jacob is asleep and Louise (Allan's sister) has kindly taken Seth out for a few hours so I'm stealing a few minutes to do an update.

On Friday Allan had a training course in Luton - as it is on the way to Wales I decided to tag along and take the boys so that he didn't have to do 3 hours extra driving. I had a quick look for things to do in the area before we left and we ended up at a place called 'Mead Open Farm.' It was brilliant, much better than the other farms we've been to as you can actually touch the animals. They have activities going on all day like sheepdog demonstrations, walking the goats, racing sheep and milking cows. If I had a list of things to do before I die I think milk a cow would be on there, and it would now have a big tick next to it :) Seth had a little squeeze of the udders too, he wouldn't do it without me though so we didn't get any pictures of us in action - I need to teach Jacob to use the camera!

We popped over to see Laura and her gorgeous little girl Annabelle in the afternoon too, Seth was a bit of a terror - I think he helped Laura with some baby proofing tips, the first thing he did was get his hand stuck in a hole in the speaker - then he thought it was fun to put other things in there! Poor Annabelle was hugged, squeezed, sat on and tickled but didn't cry once. Thanks for having us guys!

I'd been telling Seth for weeks that we were going to Wales - on Thursday morning I was talking to him and said 'where are we going today?' he said 'Wales Mummy' then he smiled and said 'no....sharks!' What a cute little sense of humour he has already. Love him!

On Saturday we spent the day in Anglesey, it was lovely to spend time with my whole family as we only seem to all be together a couple of times a year.

Burgess Family July 2009

Seth and Wilson Jackson and Jacob
10 months apart 1 day apart

It took us a while to realise that we were all there though as it definitely felt like someone was missing. And someone was. Its hard to believe that a whole year has passed since we lost our beautiful Meggy. The sun was shining all day though and I felt peace in the knowledge that she IS somewhere better and we WILL see her again. I know she was smiling down at us and I look forward to that wonderful day when our family can really be together again, forever and ever.

We went up to her grave on Sunday, Seth helped Grandad clean the plaque then he went to other graves and kept stealing things to give to Meggy (I did put them back!)

She used to say 'Seffy loves me doesn't he?' Yes he does, we all do x


Louise said...

Katie, I felt quite emotional reading that - was beautiful x

Melissa Lundquist said...

Oh my goodness. I as well got all emotional. Such a great post. Whales has so much history and is so beautiful. Those farms are gorgeous. I'm sad I only got to see it for a few days. Thanks for this.