Tuesday, July 14

i'm an octopus!

I've begun to feel like I have 8 arms - or like I need 8 arms. Either way, there's definitely a reason that women have babies and are also blessed with the ability to multi-task. The other day I managed to cook dinner whilst rocking an unsettled Jacob, then feed him, myself + Seth at the same time before clearing up and loading the dishwasher whilst burping Jake. To be fair Allan was doing well at multi-tasking too......he ate his dinner AND watched tv at the same time!

For those of you who don't know we have been having trouble getting Seth to sleep for the past few months. I spent a lot of time decorating his new room and picking furniture/accessories only for him to refuse to sleep in there. If you ever ask him about his 'big boy bed' I can guarantee that he will grin and say 'get out!' And so he does. I read the parenting tricks and supernanny tips but nothing worked.

Last week I gave in and bought him a Cars ready bed. He loves Cars so I was hoping he would find it fun to sleep in, plus its kind of like an airbed/sleeping bag so he gets zipped in making it harder to escape!After a few days of getting out of that too he seems to have got the idea. He's actually disappeared a few times at about midday and put himself down for a nap. I LOVE HIM!!!

I feel the need to explain how messy this looks! His cars bed is between his toy boxes and his bed - but he started waking up in the middle of the night stuck underneath his bed so I've had to pad it out with various pillows and blankets!

Jacob is doing great. The health visitor came to weigh him today and he's another top 10% baby (surprise surprise!) Top of the class from birth, thats my boys! Jake likes to sleep and he's not fussy about where, although he does prefer to have one arm up :)


Kimberley said...

Love love Seth - sooo cute. xx

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd read all this before your visit, then I'd have had a right go at you for giving Mum all the credit!
Love you all. Dad