Monday, July 6


So its 7.45am, Allan has just left for work and I am now home alone with a toddler and a 10 day old baby. I'm 22. Sometimes I forget that. In my head I'm still about 18 then I'm sat working out our finances and all of a sudden I'm 30!

I have no idea what we're going to do to pass the next 10 hours before Allan gets home but thankfully the sun is shining so the park is an attractive (free) option. Seth just came downstairs and said 'what doing Mummy?' I told him I'm writing a blog, he said 'bwog Mummy, fun!' I'm glad I have his approval!

I've wanted to write a blog for a while but kept making excuses like: not interesting enough, not enough time, don't know how! Well I'm learning as I go and I've been inspired by my AMAZING friend Melissa who manages to have seven million jobs, a 3 year old and a blog. And she even has time to exercise her little size zero butt!

I wish I was more like her. Super organised. My mum was like that too. At one point she had 3 boys (aged 3, 2 & 0) and she couldn't drive. Every night she would set up activities for the next day, she would have dinners prepared and frozen for th
e week and her house would still be immaculate. I am really organised when it comes to planning certain things but in general I just take my days one by one. I'm working on it though, one day I will be the perfect housewife and I'll change my name to Martha.

We took Seth and Jake to Colchester zoo on Friday, our first outing as a family of 4 - it was a little stressful as Seth kept seeing other children with food so then he wanted to eat too, he actually spotted some bananas in the bottom of someone's buggy and ran over to get one! He's very independent, he doesn't like holding hands and following - he's an explorer. I'm pretty sure he would have happily walked around the zoo on his own. His favourite bit (and mine!) was the Africa section, there were elephants, giraffes, zebras and rhinos all roaming around together. He loves animals so it was great for him to see just how big elephants really are.

My Dad and brother (Jonny) are going on safari to Africa tomorrow - I think we'll stick to the zoo as even that seemed too expensive! I know they'll have such a great time, my Dad has always wanted to do something like this. Mum wasn't up for sleeping in tents on top of landrovers though (I inherited her dislike of camping, bugs etc) so she's staying at home.

Anyway I could waffle about nothing all day but the house needs cleaning and Seth has brought me the remote and is saying 'Balamory Mummeeeee' on repeat so I best go. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to write about are a few zoo pictures

Jacob was very interested...

This looks like Jake when he's just been fed + burped!

Must have been a male elephant, having a good old scratch on a handy rock! (Allan's photography)

More of Allan's photography....gross!

Seth and the penguins - they were cute, I think he would like one as a pet :)

Me, Seth and a few African animals


Amy said...

nice blog name, i'm looking forward to more funny updates :)

Louise said...

Really enjoyed that Katie :-) - keep the updates coming. Love you all xxxx

John Deighton said...

What a great name for your blog, and just lovely to read... well done... I've been lazy on my blog for a while so thanks for inspiring me to share more. Keep the posts coming, you've got a wondefully natural style and such a lovely family.

Ryan and Katie Poulsen said...

Yea! I love the blog. Check out ours

Sarah Hector said...

Your too cute katie! love you and your litle family! xx

Melissa Lundquist said...

I love your blog. You are so sweet to mention me in your blog. First, let me clear up... my size zero is now a healthy size three... let's just say Utah made me gain a few :) Don't worry, I'll loose them soon. I love your blog's name, the pictures of your adorable boys... geez, I just love your family. Those pictures Allan took crack me up! Too funny! I wish I could just hop on a jet plane and visit. Thanks for making a blog just for me now that I'm off facebook. I LOVE IT!
love you guys! xx

Carol said...

Katie, I have no clue who your friend Melissa is but I have to say I think you're pretty amazing yourself finding the time to start a blog on your first day home alone with 2 kids. I'm pretty sure my first day home with both boys consisted of me not getting dressed or showered.

I also know that 10 days after this one arrives I probably won't be blogging.

So maybe you are wonderwoman after all, at leats compared to me.

(Oh and must be something in the Utley gene pool cos Deb was a hyper organised supermum with 3 under 3 too, makes me a little bit sick!)

Beth Jackson said...

Katie.. I love this little blog! you know this inspires me to start my own, however I have no interesting pics of my children to fill it with and I only random stories about other peoples kids! The life of a nanny hey! But the housewifey stuff is fun, you can't beat making a good cake eh? hehe! maybe a cake blog is in order:) hope to see you soon

Kelly girl shirt said...

I love it! At 7:45am everyday I'm still clearing up the breakfast mess-usually in my pj's-so if you think you need to be more organised, just think of me. Although the older I get I just try to be chilled out about it, take one day at a time and try to be better the next day!! I have always wanted to start a blog but wouldn't even know how-so well done you! anyways I love your little bwog so keep the updates coming. xx

katie said...

thanks for all of your lovely comments! Just so you know I hadn't done any housework or showered or got out of my p.j's before I started this.....I have my priorities in order! x

Rae said...

wow! welcome to the world of blog... or bwog in your case ;o) lookin good!