Wednesday, July 8

burping in my sleep....

(to be said in a Geordie accent) Day 3 in the big boy house......Allan is at work, Jacob is sleeping, Katie is wearing Allan's pyjamas, Seth is climbing in and out of the pram whilst carrying a handbag!

We're coping though :) Monday was tough, yesterday was a breeze as Allan's dad (Richard) took Seth with him to London to pick up some friends visiting from the States. So I was Sethless, I'd forgotten what peace and quiet was! Normally my little chatterbox provides a running commentary of everything he's doing/I'm doing/or he would like to do. At least 5 times a day he will come and stand in front of me with his trademark cheeky grin and he'll say "like Mummy?" then I have to say "what would you like?" and he'll tell me some item of food (normally a 'goghurt') then say "kitchen Mummy......get it!" I'm sorry to admit that I get annoyed by his constant repetition sometimes but thinking about it now he is just adorable, I love our little chats and I need to try harder to be patient no matter how many times he says the same thing!

Allan's new baby arrived yesterday - despite having a headache and his hayfever being really bad he couldn't keep the grin off his face. I imagine it will be gone soon though as he went out for a ride wearing just a shirt and jeans without thinking about the black clouds looming overhead.....he'll probably have a cold tomorrow!

Last night (3am) I fell asleep burping Jacob, I woke up still patting his back and jiggling him around. I just have to learn to walk into his room and pick him up whilst still asleep then I'll have no complaints!


Kimberley said...

your Sethy is soooo cute!! love all his little chat xx

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Ohhhh...I remember those days and it seems like it will last forever but it doesn't. Go to my blog and see the video my bro made. It made me ball my eyes out because it seems like yesterday. They grow sooo fast.
You're a great momma ;)