Tuesday, April 20

My Prince Charming

So for about 9 months I've been spending a lot of time helping to plan a surprise birthday party for Allan's grandad, George. He turned 90 on Thursday and we had the party on Friday night. It was a huge success :)

The venue we chose is called the Manor of Groves, a hotel and golf club in Hertfordshire. There was a super formal evening do with a 10 piece big band, casino tables (with fun money of course), the most incredible magician ever and lots of great guests. Most of the guests arrived earlier in the day and golfed/swam/enjoyed the facilities then stayed overnight and we all had breakfast together and went swimming/relaxed in the beautiful sunshine the next day.

Jacob has just woken up (early) from his nap so I will write more details soon. Here are a couple of pictures taken by my amazing friend Debbie Stewart (in the black dress)

I wish he could wear a tux cute?!

me & debbie

me & my sisters-in-law (Louise, Karen, Ashlee) and father-in-law Richard


Neraida said...

Your dress is amazing!!

The Off Beat Couple said...

Hi! Love your left a link to this dress- I was wondering if you would mind emailing me (, I just have a few questions about it.

Jen Hodo-Powell said...

Hello! I found your link while looking for my wedding dress on lightinthebox. You look lovely, would you mind posting if you ordered the white or the ivory? Thank you again, your photos were very helpful.