Tuesday, March 9

My mama says Foos-ball is the devil

Tonight there are 3 men watching football in my front I've just dyed my hair and now escaped to the office.

Here are some of my thoughts on the sport:

*I think football should be restricted to one game per team per week
*The world cup should not be held during the summer months
*If a player injures another player, intentionally or not, they shouldn't be allowed to play again until the injured person can
*They seriously need to make use of the technology available and remove any questionable decision making responsibilities from the referee. Even tennis is more technological than football. Get with it guys! I'm sick of all the men moaning about everything being the referee's fault
*Fans should only be able to watch games their team are playing in
*Super Sunday is not super. Seriously - 2 games in a row
*Sky Sports news should disappear into a big black hole
*Match of the Day should be on really early in the morning rather than late at night

Other than football woes not much has happened since my last post so I'll do a boys update :)


still a character

"Oy'm a poyret, I got one oy"

his favourite colour is pink

his favourite teacher at pre-school is Elaine

his best friend is Sarah (his babysitter, aged 16!)

he doesn't like dinner. any dinner. even fish fingers

he has different names for breakfast cereals:
-golden nuggets are stinky pete's because the guy on the box looks like stinky pete from toy story
-nesquik are rabbits, because there is a rabbit on the box
-raisin shredded wheat are daddy's cereals
-cornflakes are branflakes!

he loves his little brother Jakey and is so proud of him (his words)

he doesn't like feet, his own feet. he freaks out when we take off his socks

he is refusing to be potty trained but screams whenever I change his nappy (not frustrating at all)

he loves reading and knows most of his books by heart

he has to have 2 jam dinosaur and 3 marmite star sandwiches at lunchtime

he likes to say 'nuffing' if you ask him a question and he can't be bothered to answer

he loves fireman sam and runs around the house shouting 'fire, fire' quite often

he doesn't like washing, especially his hair, and despises having his toenails clipped!

he wants his MOM a lot. 'I love my mom on my own' is one of his latest sayings

loves animals and monsters and dinosaurs and dragons


was weighed for the first time since he was 6 weeks old today! he's 20lbs, in the 70th %

has 2 teeth

can crawl

can pull himself up to standing by the couch

likes to touch the hot pipes on the radiator and burn himself

loves his big brother Seth sooo much. he seems happy to be able to follow him around now too

is really really smiley

doesn't cry or moan if we're out when he's supposed to be eating/drinking

loves the bath, he lays on his tummy and splashes like crazy, crawls around, puts his face in the water, eats the bubbles and terrorises seth by getting him wet!

laughs when i say 'banana banana banana' really fast (which is really hard to do, if you say it the american way its much easier!)

has been sick on my carpet way too many times. and baby food is pretty much all orange. gross

likes to blow raspberries whilst eating weetabix

is soooo cute. and i made him :)


Kimberley said...

haha I'm sitting here trying to say "Banana banana banana" - it is hard! Love your blog and you xxx

Dad said...

I learn more about my grandsons from your blog than I do from being with're so observant and record the details wonderfully. Thanks.
You even have some pretty good ideas about football, though your proposed ruling about injuries would give Michael Owen a serious advantage over everyone one would dare tackle him!
Hope you are all healthy next time we see you. Dad x

Melly Mel said...

Katie I am dying over these pictures! Seth and Jackson would get along quite fine with having the same color interest!
Miss you!
PS I loved reading what you wrote about football... so interesting.